Monday, August 31, 2015

Holy Guacamole

Sister Shorter went to a District Relief Society Expo.

"Each branch had a display table of foods and crafts. They each took turns sharing how to make something.  I didn't understand any of that part.  Then we all got to have a taster of the foods.  One woman had guacamole dip that was wonderful.  One of the sisters in our branch gave me avocados from a tree in her yard.  I took pictures so that you could see how big these avocados really are.  I had to put them next to something to give you perspective.  I will share with the other seniors."

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cute little girl

Cute little girl in her school uniform in front of a souvenir shop.

Mock Cemetery

 Interesting mock cemetery with many graves of ideas or feelings that need to be buried.  The spelling on some of the grave stones was interesting.

The Bell House and ampitheater

 We toured the Bell House.  Bell was in charge of the US troops in the Philippines during WWII.  The house is quite large and quite Americanized to suit his taste.  The pictures 
of the flowers come from the "Secret" garden that he created in the woods behind the house.  He would go there to think or to write his wife.  It was very peaceful.

 The ampitheater and stage area adjacent to the Bell House.

City of Vaughan

 This is a tunnel that the Japanese dug during WWII.  It has small cavities dug
out to the sides, presumably where soldiers slept.  Its height is remarkable since
Japanese people at that time were small in stature.  However it is damp and would 
be very dark without the lights that have been installed.

President and Sister Rahlf taking a break and enjoying                 
the scenery.

Botanical Gardens

 A few pictures from the Botanical Gardens.  

This is a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Baguio City- Part 3

 From left to right:  Elder and Sister Honeycutt, Elder and Sister Morgan, Elder and Sister Leslie, Elder and Sister Shorter.
All of these pictures were taken from an overlook called Mineviews.