Monday, April 13, 2015

Baguio City- Part 1

 Our first evening in Baguio, we shopped at Narda's which sells hand woven items--ties, scarves, purses, jackets, etc.  We enjoyed looking at all of the fine products available.  Then we stopped at a city park.  There are few parks in our mission area so we really enjoyed this opportunity.  It was peaceful and serene.
Notice the red flowers in this tree that looks much like a willow.

 The park had a pond area. These paddle boats and some row boats were available for rent.  One of the couples with us rented one.  They said that it was difficult to maneuver and that the pedals were hard to reach.  But they still had fun.

Watching the kids around this fountain in the park was fun.  The sun was going down and so the air was beginning to get chilly. 

On the way to Baguio City

These are some pictures that we took on our way to Baguio City.  The journey there reminded us of 501 to 130 to Glasgow and Buena Vista.  However, there were more hairpin turns on this journey and it was much longer.  The mountains reminded us of West Virginia. The people amazingly farm right on the side of the  mountains.  You may notice the pine trees at this higher elevation.

 A dam right in the valley.

On our return trip, we took another road that bypassed Aritao and took us by the river and into Bambang.  We couldn't resist stopping at this bridge.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Old Catholic Church

The remains of an old Catholic church in San Pablo, Isabella.

Goat meat

This sign reminds us of Bishop Williams every time we pass by it.  Goat meat is the most expensive meat you can buy here.  As far as we know, we haven't eaten any.

The bridge to nowhere

 This is a bridge to nowhere found in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.  It ends after the second green support--about halfway to where it should go.  This is what happens when the political leader changes and doesn't want to spend money on the past leader's project.  What a waste!

The end of the bridge!  This bridge is not over water, but over rice fields.

Ferris Wheel and more

 Wish we had ridden the Ferris wheel.

 Flooded rice fields in the lower right.  This is a LARGE living area by Philippine standards.  There are several dwellings in this cluster.

Despite what the people lack--many of them live at poverty level--they are a happy people.  They know all of their neighbors.  They are probably related to most of their neighbors.  Their children play in the roads--their chatter and laughter are wonderful sounds.  For the most part they are polite and friendly and eager to please the "Americano".  The women at church greet me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  The men are ready with a hearty handshake.  The children love the hugs too and like to pat my fat arms.  Oh, we have had challenges.  But I am sure there are many areas of the world that would be more challenging.  We are grateful for this time.

View from our one and only tricycle ride.  Not much to see from inside, straight on.  Elder Shorter rode behind the driver on the motorcycle.