Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 No OSHA here.  These guys are installing this heavy sign while standing on scaffolding that no one in the States would use in their business.

Shiny silver hearse.


 On the way to the dam we stopped at a camp.  They charge for use of their picnic facilities.  They have tables and grills.  We were just passing through.  This swinging bridge expands the river there.

The water is quite low.  We visited near the end of hot summer season.  We have had many thunderstorms since then and will soon enter the "rainy season".  All rivers will rise then.

 This camp reminded all of us (at least those who have been) of Girls' Camp. I have not heard of anyone having Girls' Camp here.

Magat Dam

We took a little excursion one Monday morning with a group of young missionaries in our district to Magat Dam.  In it's greed, the government sold this dam to a private individual so it is not open to the public.  One of our sisters sweet talked the guard into letting us drive out onto the dam to take pictures. 

 This is the lake behind the dam.  These are actual floating houses where fishermen live.

This is how close the mountains are on the lake side.  Don't they look like volcanic aftermath?  Not worn and tree covered like our Blue Ridge!
This is the view from the other side of the dam.  We haven't escaped that haze so prevalent on Virginia summer days.

Car mishap

 The car in this picture is the one that we drive.  This is the spot where we always park when we are at the mission office.  The white wall is the boundary of the mission property.  The gray cement wall behind it is from a broken down home structure on the adjacent property.  One evening we rode with another of the senior couples as we all went out to dinner.  A thunderstorm arose while we were gone, complete with driving rain and lots of wind.  When we returned to the office after dinner to get into our car to drive home, we found that the wind had blown the second floor wall that was remaining on the home structure over the mission office wall with part of it falling onto our car.  This picture was taken the next morning after all the debris had been cleaned up.

This is what our poor vehicle looks like now.  We cannot open that door any longer.  We're still waiting word about repair.  The lucky thing about it is that the office night guard usually sits in that spot where our car is when we are not there at night.  Perhaps he was saved from serious injury.