Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cuayan Phillipines Mission's blog

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The more the merrier!

How many can we get in one vehicle?  Sometimes there are people on top too!

Planting rice

 What back-breaking work!  It also requires standing in water to the ankles.


These people love basketball.  Hoops are found in odd places.  This one is on the main highway!

A beautiful people

 A couple of young women in our branch--Virginia and Marites.

 A couple of our nursery children--Euloli and CJ.

The Mateo family.  Hyacinth was baptized on her 8th birthday.  Her little brother, Hilary, is in our nursery class also.
 Brother Arcino.  He is 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency.  He brings a carload of his grandchildren to Church each Sunday.

The children here are adorable.  They act shy, but they love to have their picture taken.  In the background a chicken is pecking at the rice spread on the road to dry.

Waiting for a turn in the barber chair.  Forty pesos for a haircut.  That is equal to a little less than a dollar!


Arriving for church- grandma, grandpa, mom, and 2 sons. It probably takes them a good 30 minutes to get to church riding on the kuliglig. The front of the kuligig detaches to become a tractor to work with in the rice fields.

Dancing traffic Director

One of the dancing traffic directors in llagan city.


A typical school.  Usually the grounds neat and inviting.  We have seen the children out early in the morning trimming grass.  Their school day is long.  Everyone goes home or to the local food stand for lunch.  Sawhorse type barriers are placed in the road when children are coming or going to slow the traffic.  No school buses.  Just lots of tricies and jeepneys to drop off or pick up.