Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book of Mormon "Power Read"

Our whole mission began a Book of Mormon "power read" on March 11.  We have followed a schedule that will take us to completion on May 8.  We have circled each reference to Jesus Christ (by whatever name He is called).  We have highlighted in one color (mine is pink) His words.  We have highlighted in another color (yellow) all the teachings and doctrines referring directly to Christ's mission, resurrection, birth, crucifixion, etc.
It has been an enjoyable and eye opening experience.  I have come to love the Book of Mormon more and more.  It truly is another testament of Jesus Christ.  What love He has for us to provide the words from His "other sheep".  I know that this book is the word of God because I have read it and I have prayed to know of its truthfulness.  I have received that witness that it is true.


This picture is for my mother:)  I didn't get both signs in the picture.  There is another to the left that says Glenda's Eatery.  These stands are everywhere.  The Bukohan is a place you can get a coconut drink that is quite watery.  They put the drink in a plastic bag with a straw. The purchaser carries the bag by clutching it around the straw.  The eateries offer Filipino dishes by the roadside.  Usually these meals are quite cheap.  This stand hasn't opened for business yet.

On the road again

 This is the road that we live on.  Notice that it is dirt also.  This picture makes it look nicer than it really is.  Half the time there are vehicles of all kinds that we have to maneuver around. It is always dusty.

We went to visit a missionary apartment to talk with the landlady.  She wanted a rent increase.  The road to the apartment is dirt, as you can see.  We had to take a detour because they were working on the road.  How's this for a detour sign?  This road is wide enough for 2 lanes.  The picture below is the detour road we took.  Barely one lane wide.

A taste of Italy in the Philippines

One of our favorite restaurants.  It is about a half hour south of us.  The gentleman who owns it and cooks is from Italy--the northern part.  He makes his own mozzarella cheese.  It is yummy on bruchetta.  He married a Filipino woman and moved here after he retired in Italy.

Traffic lights

One of our two traffic lights in town.  It counts down the seconds until green.  Notice all the wires!

More tricies

 People load tricies with just about anything that they can strap on.  That is rice on the right side of the road.  They spread it out on pavement or concrete to dry.

The other reason traffic is so slow--a million tricies that putt-putt along. See the golden arches in the distance?  Santiago City has 2 McDonalds.  When you begin to crave American food, McDonalds is one of the few places that you can purchase it.

A typical day on the road

 Safety first!  There are always people in the back of trucks and on the top of truck loads.

 There are usually people on top of these loads.  These trucks are one of the obstacles of the highways.  They are slooooow!  There is a lot of weight in bags of rice or corn.

Other obstacles--slow motorcycles and scooters.  It is at least 85 degrees out and these riders have on long sleeved jackets!  Haven't figured that one out yet.  It is constant.

Things that make you go "hmm"

 I love their version of "buy 1, get 1 free".

The husband has a gun shop.  The wife has a flowers shop.  Thus Guns and Roses.

Typical power line cluster.  We drive under this mess every time we go to the mission office.